Sign Supplier

General Terms & Conditions

1. General Terms & Conditions

a. 5 % VAT is applicable.
b. All measurements and quantities are subject to variation and price will vary accordingly.
c. High resolution digital files of the products images and logos to be provided by client.
d. Main electricity to be provided by client near to the signage not far than 50cm.


Please send a written email confirmation/ LPO.
a. Payment terns: 70% advance with LPO and balance payment within 2 days of completion of work, amount below AED 1000 has to be fully paid in advance.
b. Validity: Offer is valid for 10 days from the quotation date
c. Production period: TBD upon confirmation of order and receipt of LPO.
d. If any issues or objections from RTA / Authorized departments during the installation, we are not responsible for the delay in committed time.
e. Your confirmed order is non- refundable nor exchangeable.


a. Approvals, Tax, Municipal permission, RTA, work permit, police permit, and access permit charges to be paid by the client.
b. All the supporting documents should be provided by the client.
c. All external signs, shop front signs need permission from DED/ Municipality/ RTA & other local Authorities.
d. If logos/ icons are to be added to the signage, brand approval from Economic Dept. is compulsory.
e. We can arrange the DED/ DM permissions for the signage upon the client request.
f. Permission charges, deposit charge as per receipt from authorities plus PRO charge to be paid to UAE Signage by client.
g. This amount shall be paid by cash/ current dated cheque during the process.
h. TL copy and NOC from landlord/ Mall approved drawings are needed for permission.
i. UAE SIGNAGE will not be responsible if signage is done without permission and tenant get penalty from Authorities.


a. Client must ensure the site is ready to install the signage and there is electric point on requested date of installation.
b. There shall be additional charges in case of delay from client where rented crane or lift hires equipment are used.


a. For any signage repairs or modifications there is no warranty of existing old parts.
b. There is always a risk of damages and cracks when modifying or repairing, we don't bear any responsibility of those damages.
c. Client must understand and take responsibility of risks and damages that may occur during repair.
d. We will not bear any cost that may incur during repair, it is solely on client


a. Client shall owe the financial commitment by settling the payment as agreed: failing to do so, the products delivered or installed belong to Dubai
b. UAE Signage has right to remove them or it will go for further legal procedure