Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Dynamic & Flexible Digital Signs

Digital signage is a dynamic and flexible signage choice, opening up a whole host of ways in which you can communicate with customers, potential customers, and passing trade. Digital signage used to be an expensive option that was limited to the tech savvy, but we now stock an excellent digital signage system that is very affordable and incredibly easy to set up and to use. It comprises of a plug-and-play digital player that you connect to a TV screen using an HDMI cable. Our digital signage player is powerful enough to deliver HD video, graphics, and animations, and can be connected to WiFi or controlled directly from our Smartphone app. There’s over 300 readymade templates to choose from, or you can get creative and create your own digital adverts in just a few easy steps.
  1. Digital Signage package

    Digital Signage Package

    Take your signage to the next level by switching to a digital signage system. Our simple and affordable digital signage system can be set up in a matter of minutes, no training necessary. Super-quick to install and easy to use (even for those without any technical expertise) our digital signage player is powerful enough to deliver HD video, graphics and animations.
    Available starting at: £99.00

The Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage has a huge range of advantages that aren’t found in traditional non-digital options. You're free to change the content of your signage in just a matter of minutes and you can use time-of-day schedules to create arrange of signage content that appears on screen at different times of day, or use multiple playlists to present a range of advertising content throughout the day. Digital signage can incorporate a range of elements including HD video, graphics, and animations for dynamic and eye-catching signage. Digital signage is flexible enough to communicate a huge range of information and allowing you to communicate a whole lot more with just one sign. Our digital signage system is easy to use and doesn’t require a huge monetary outlay or masses of technical knowledge, so what’s stopping you?


With our inexpensive hardware and low recurring costs, our digital signage solution offers low costs per view.


Using either our smartphone app or web based CRM software, you can update your content within seconds.

Easy to Use

With dozens of free templates, you can create stunning video ads in minutes and push to your screens.

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