Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs

Showcase a Business With Illuminated Signs

At Sign Supplier, we offer nine different styles of illuminated signs. These have different purposes and different looks, but they all perfectly showcase a business and boost visibility. When we manufacture illuminated signs, we take your exact specifications into account. This includes size, colour and design. This means that your illuminated sign will tick every box. All of our illuminated signs are created using state of the art machinery and they are finished to a high standard, which ensures a professional look. Our illuminated signs are ideal for outdoor use as they are built using parts that are suitable for all weathers. We can deliver illuminated signs in no time at all, with many being turned around quicker than many customers realise. If you don’t already have a design, take advantage of our professional signage design service. If you’re not confident with installation, take advantage of our professional installation service. Contact us today to find out more.

  1. View of wall mounted light box sign

    Wall Mounted Lightbox Signs

    They are easy to see when it’s dark and they can be designed to specific dimensions, which is why wall mounted lightbox signs are so popular. Our wall mounted lightbox signs are illuminated using LED modules. These are long lasting, energy efficient and extremely low voltage. We can finish wall mounted lightbox signs in a range of ways, such as wish a silver anodised finish or a powder coated finish.
    Available starting at: £300.00
  2. Image of an Illuminated Tray Sign in situ

    Illuminated Tray Signs

    As one of our most popular types of illuminated sign, there is no denying that illuminated tray signs do a great job. They are versatile, inexpensive and low voltage. Illuminated tray signs are created using a piece of folded aluminium or a steel tray, which is then stencil cut and backed using acrylic. LED modules create the illumination.
    Available starting at: £350.00
  3. Image of LED Effect Neon Sign

    LED Neon Effect Signs

    There are a lot of different LED neon effect signs to choose from, with different profiles and depths available. All of our LED neon effect signs use low voltage LEDs, which means that they are cool to touch. This is a safer alternative to standard neon signs if it’s going to be placed somewhere within reach. We know how important it is for LED neon effect signs to stand out, which is why we only use modules that provide bright and clear illumination.
    Available starting at: £400.00
  4. Face Illuminated 3D Lettering Sign

    Face Illuminated 3D Lettering

    With face illuminated 3D lettering, your business can be on show day or night. This type of lettering is popular within the hospitality and retail industries, as well as outside offices. Face illuminated 3D lettering makes a business noticeable regardless of whether it’s daytime or nighttime. The LED modules used are bright but low voltage, which keeps running costs down.
    Available starting at: £80.00
  5. Example of halo 3D illuminated lettering signage

    Halo Illuminated 3D Lettering

    If you are looking for an effective way to add signage to a business, consider halo illuminated 3D lettering. It works well for a lot of different types of business including restaurants, shops, offices and bars. Halo illuminated 3D lettering is completely bespoke and each individual letter is illuminated. There are a range of colours to choose from, as well as LEDs that change colour
    Available starting at: £100.00
  6. Image of neon light sign

    Neon Signs

    At Sign Supplier, we handcraft all of our neon signs. These use the same amount of energy as a standard lightbulb, which means that they aren’t a huge drain on your electrical resources. All neon signs come with a standard plug, which means they can easily be plugged into the mains for ease of use. If they are cared for correctly, the neon signs can last for up to ten years.
    Available starting at: £400.00
  7. Trough sign lighting in situ

    Sign Lighting

    With sign lighting, you can rest assured that your sign will be seen even after the sun has set. Trough lighting is a lot more cost effective than many other types of illuminated sign and it can be made to any length. Sign lighting can be added to brand new signage or existing signage.
    Available starting at: £150.00
  8. Side view of projecting lightbox sign

    Projecting Lightbox Signs

    If you are looking for full face illumination, consider projecting lightbox signs. One of the great things about projecting lightbox signs is that they can sit at right angles to wherever they are fixed. Using light diffusing acrylic panels and LED modules, projecting lightbox signs can be designed in a range of finishes including sleek silver and powder coated.
    Available starting at: £300.00
  9. View of illuminated projecting tray sign

    Illuminated Projecting Tray Signs

    Illuminated projecting tray signs can be created to meet your specific requirements. The high quality LED modules backlight the signage design to create an impressive showcase, one that’s sure to garner attention from others.
    Available starting at: £400.00

Why Choose Illuminated Signs?

There are a number of benefits that come with choosing illuminated signs, such as the fact that they are a great way to illuminate a business at any time of day. With so many different illuminated signs to choose from, every business is able to find a solution that works for them. At Sign Supplier, our illuminated signs are manufactured for outdoor use. This means that they are able to cope with whatever the weather throws at them, without the worry of them not lasting for years to come. All of our illuminated signs are energy efficient and they complie with outdoor electrical safety standards.

Energy Efficient

Illuminated signs are powered by low voltage LED modules, which means they are energy efficient and don’t have extortionate running costs. Though they are energy efficient, these modules still provide a bright light.

Visually Striking

Illuminated signs are a great way to ensure a business is noticeable as they have a visual impact. Regardless of which direction someone is approaching from, illuminated signs can be seen.

Bespoke Options

We handcraft all of our illuminated signs in the UK, with your specific design in mind. This means that every sign is completely unique.

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