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When it comes to corporate wayfinding signage, monolith signs are certainly the most popular choice. They are practical, visually impactful and durable. This means that they stand the test of time and do the job they need to do. Plus, they can be matched your corporate branding and existing signage. When you order monolith signs, you can do so with your specific branding and signage in mind. At Sign Supplier, we go above and beyond to offer high quality monolith signs. They are all manufactured with two aluminium panels that are placed back to back, before being powder coated to a colour of your choosing. We are also able to add full colour digitally printed graphics to both sides, or just one side if you order. There are very few limitations when it comes to monolith signs, which means we can manufacture them to meet a range of unique requirements.

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Monolith Signs For Corporate Signage

You will often seen monolith signs signs used as roadside signage, commercial estate signage and other places where signs need to be visually impactful. They are created using two aluminium sign panels, which are then placed back to back. Our monolith signs are connected to legs which makes installation easier and ensures the signs will stand strong when placed somewhere where movement is likely, such as next to a busy road or somewhere windy. We specifically use aluminium for our monolith signs as it lasts a long time, even with outdoor use. It copes well with rain, heat and anything else that it may need to deal with.

At Sign Supplier, you can really make a monolight sign your own. You can choose to have both panels digitally printed or just one, leaving you with a double sided monolith sign or a single sided one. When we print monolith signs, we use high resolution colour printing. We create vinyl graphics that are professional, clear and noticeable. You can also choose to have the sign powder coated. This is a good idea if you need a sign to match existing business branding or signage. We are able to manufacture unique monolith signs of any size and style, so just let us know if you need something a little out of the ordinary.

Thanks to the extended legs, installation monolith signs is relatively easy. However, we do recommend the use of our professional installation service. By using our service, you can relax knowing that your sign has been installed to a high standard.

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