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There is no denying that Foamex signs are hugely popular, especially as they have such a professional finish. Foamex signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which makes them hugely versatile. All of these signs are made using a solid plastic board that has been created using compressed form. It’s a more robust alternative to Correx and it has a smooth, cleaner finish. Foamex is an affordable material, which means that Foamex signs are a cost effective signage solution. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the sign indoors or out, it will last for a long time. At Sign Supplier, you can choose from three different thicknesses - 3mm, 5mm and 10mm - and you can print on two different sides. There are even laminate options, should you want to take advantage of them.

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Foamex Signs an Ideal Medium Term Signage Solution

If you are looking for an affordable signage solution, consider Foamex signs. Foamex signs are lightweight and study, meaning that they are relatively easy to install and they will last a fair amount of time. Though Foamex signs can be used outdoors, they last longer indoors. They are a medium term signage solution when used inside, but a long term signage solution when used outside. Thanks to the compressed foam and smooth surface, Foamex signs are relatively resistant to weather when used on a non permanent basis.

When creating Foamex signs, you can supply your own design or take advantage of our professional design service. All of our Foamex signs are printed using high quality materials and high resolution printing techniques, which means the colours don’t fade or run. All of our Foamex signs can be supplied in your exact dimensions. We're even apply to supply them with predrilled holes for mounting, square corners or rounded corners.

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