Tray Signs

Tray Signs

An Effective and Affordable Signage Solution

As they are inexpensive and effective, tray signs are a popular signage option for a range of different businesses. It doesn’t matter where tray signs are placed, they always pack a punch. At Sign Supplier, we have three options for you to choose from when it comes to tray signs. This means you are sure to find a tray sign option to suit your business, regardless of business type or budget. As a lot of customers are likely to first see your business from a side angle, tray signs are an ideal type of signage. When someone approaches, they will immediately see the sign as it will be situated at a right angle. If you open the business at night, you may want to consider illuminated projecting tray signs to ensure that the signage is always seen. It’s a way to boost visibility, even when it’s dark outside.

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  1. Image of an Illuminated Tray Sign in situ

    Non-Illuminated Tray Signs

    We can manufacture tray signs to any size or shape you need, which gives you the freedom to create the ideal sign. They are versatile and create a striking image, meaning that the business is sure to stand out. If you need a 3D effect, we can modify tray signs to have slightly raised flat lettering.
    Available starting at: £100.00
  2. Image of an Illuminated Tray Sign in situ

    Illuminated Tray Signs

    As one of our most popular types of illuminated sign, there is no denying that illuminated tray signs do a great job. They are versatile, inexpensive and low voltage. Illuminated tray signs are created using a piece of folded aluminium or a steel tray, which is then stencil cut and backed using acrylic. LED modules create the illumination.
    Available starting at: £350.00
  3. View of illuminated projecting tray sign

    Illuminated Projecting Tray Signs

    Illuminated projecting tray signs can be created to meet your specific requirements. The high quality LED modules backlight the signage design to create an impressive showcase, one that’s sure to garner attention from others.
    Available starting at: £400.00
  4. Side view of a projecting tray sign

    Projecting Tray Signs

    We offer projecting tray signs that are folded, welded, filled and smoothed to create an impressive sign. When you choose a projecting tray sign, you can relax knowing it will have a seamless finish. All of these signs can be powder coated to any standard RAL colour, as well as having bespoke graphics printed on either side.
    Available starting at: £200.00

Why Choose Tray Signs?

There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing tray signs, such as the fact that they are extremely affordable. Whilst grabbing attention and marketing the business, tray signs are a lot cheaper than many of the other signage options. At Sign Supplier, we have two illuminated tray sign options for businesses that need to be visible after dark. We also offer two options that project at right angles, to ensure that those approaching the premises from the side can see who you are and what you do. It’s a great way to boost visibility to passerbys.

Long Lasting

Our tray signs are fabricated from corrosion resistant aluminium and powder coated, this means that they are ure to last a long time. Tray signs are a low maintenance signage option that will last for years to come.


All of our tray signs can be manufactured with your specific requirements in mind, which means they will work perfectly at your business premises.

Effective Signage

With a tray sign, you can add depth to signage without needing to settle for obvious fixings. It’s possible to hide the wiring completely with illuminated tray signs.

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