Neon Signs

Neon Signs

High Quality Neon Effect & Neon Light Signs

We manufacture both traditional neon light signs, and LED neon effect signs. Our neon signs are handcrafted using traditional neon and tubing which is then mounted to hand-cut acrylic for easy mounting. LED effect neon signs offer a range of profiles and depths and are cool to the touch so are ideal for positions where they are within reach. Our neon sign range is manufactured using top quality materials and finished to a very high standard. Many of our neon sign options can be delivered in short timeframes, and we offer a professional design service, as well as a professional installation service if required. Call today to discuss your order or to arrange a quote.

  1. Image of LED Effect Neon Sign

    LED Neon Effect Signs

    Available in a range of profiles and depths, LED neon effect signs use low voltage LEDs that run cool to the touch making them a safe neon sign alternative if your sign is in a position where it might be touched. We use high quality LED modules that deliver bright and clear illumination free from spotting, and our neon effect signs have a high gloss finish for a realistic glass look.
    Available starting at: £400.00
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    Neon Signs

    We handcraft our neon signs using custom made traditional neon that is mounted within an acrylic case for easy and secure installation. Our signs typically use the same amount of energy as a standard 60w lightbulb, and can last in excess of 10 years if maintained properly. Each neon sign is supplied with a standard three pin plug that is used in a standard electric mains socket.
    Available starting at: £400.00

The Benefits of Neon Signs

Neon signs are all about the wow factor. Traditional neon signs using traditional neon mounted to acrylic have an iconic look that brings your signage to life and creates a simple but incredibly stylish feel to your sign. LED neon effect signs are a more affordable way of getting the feel of a neon sign, and are ideal if you want to place your sign somewhere where it may be touched accidentally as the LED components run cool to the touch. Because all of the neon signs that we produce are bespoke, this style of signage is a great way of creating eye-catching signs that are completely individual.

Timeless Style

Whether traditional neon or neon effect, our neon signs will look iconic and modern for years to come.

Long Lasting

If cared for properly, our neon signs should last up to ten years of trouble free impact for your business.

Energy Efficient

Our neon signs are extremely energy efficient and typically cost less to run than a standard 60 watt light bulb.

High Visual Impact

The vibrant iconic style of neon signage is the ideal way to add visual impact to your shop, restaurant or bar and shine brightly day and night.

Bespoke Design

All our neon signs are hand crafted in the UK and manufactured to your specific design to make sure your sign is completely unique.

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